Friday, 27 February 2009

Playing with colour.

Hi all,
After spending a while in A & E this week, I have been warned to take things easy. I was in for Tachycardia with a heart beat of 185 beats per minute. Well, after feeling as though I have just run two marathons, needless to say I feel very tired. This is as far as I am concerned a really good reason for me to cheat, there is no good reason to reinvent the wheel or the colour wheel come to that so I am going to be helping you play with colour by looking at one or two really good sites I have been researching.

Now this challenge is going to be offered to you in three different ways.
For those of you who have never ever taken a look at a colour wheel, or indeed any of you who would like a refresher course in the basics I will ask that you go to this site here .
If you would like to be stretched a little in your knowledge of colour theory then I will ask you to look at the following site which deals with colour in context, this features the theories of Joseph Albers of Bauhaus fame; this part of colour theory is fascinating as it shows how one colour effects another.
The last of the sites I will direct you to deals with Discords , we have all heard about harmonies well discords put quite bluntly are those that we normally associate with colours that clash. This is not to say that they can never be used. It depends on so much but I hope those of you who know a lot about colour theory will take a look at discords you may learn quite a lot.
Now to your challenge, after choosing and reading your chosen area of colour theory you are asked to create a piece of work that shows what you have learned. Please make this at least postcard size, or larger if you would like. You may make your work in any media and you might like to try some colour sketches first. Good Luck everyone. BFN Tricia

Monday, 9 February 2009

Felt and pheasant

Featured above is the finished tonal piece that I made for the Tonal Challenge on the previous post. This piece is the size of a postcard and is made purely from needle made felt on an embellisher. These challenges are part of the Challenge Site that I run, anyone can join just by clicking on the Challenge button to the left of this post.

Shown below is the weather we have been having in Kent recently, this was almost like a blizzard at some points. The Uk has predicted A Winter Storm later today and early tomorrow. What a contrast it is compared to the awful situation in Australia. My heartfelt wishes go out to all those who found themselves in the path or such terrifying fires. I will wish for rain and cooler weather for Australia and hope that the situation soon passes.

The picture below is another brooch that I made recently to give to the very kind person who gave me such wonderful Embroidery Magazines. Thanks again Patricia.

I thought that you might like to see what opportunists we have visiting our garden this winter. This pheasant decided that he was just as entitled to the fall from our bird table, infact at times he thought it fun to chase away the blackbirds, cheeky thing, it's such a good thing our dog wasn't out there!