Saturday, 29 January 2011

My Stitch Doodles

I have been continuing the theme that I began earlier and here are the results: I say results but this in a sense does not in any way indicate these are finished pieces of work. This is experimental work, like a sampler that is in miniature with no structure to get in the way of discovery. It is not about what these have become but what I have learned from making them. I hope you will enjoy looking at these as much as I have enjoyed making them. They are all ATC size.

Friday, 7 January 2011


I am a reader of the Natural dyes website, the newsletters get delivered straight to my inbox. I don't always find anything of interest but today I was shocked by what I read, I tried to add a link but you have to be subscribed before you can access it - it is a Yahoo site if any of you are interested.
Anyway, I felt compelled to at least add the information below which tells of the devastating distruction to the environment to grow cotton. I certainly never realised this. I always thought of cotton being such a healthy fabric.
I only have one thing to say here: good for all of you who recycle this precious but very poor environmental product. Keep it up and spread the word. I will certainly think twice before any cotton in my house goes to waste in the future. I am so glad that I am primarily a felt maker.

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