Thursday, 24 February 2011

More Brooches

Here are some more of the brooches I am making for my friend, these will be for the lady's day that they are holding in March so I just finished them in time. I hope that they like them.
Some are similar but they differ either in colour or design so everyone is infact unique. Just how I like it; I hate to repeat exactly what I do, I believe that is what machines are for, no I like to make every thing I do slightly different. Even when I make a series it should show variations.

These below are slightly closer photos of the ones above; they are not copies.

As always click on the pictures if you would like to look closer although sometimes the images are not as clear, my hand is not so steady these days. Never mind my sewing hand is. If you do drop by do leave a comment. Thanks to you who do. Tricia x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Back to doing some Brooches, a favour for my Northern friend.

Ok these are the first of 30 that I am making for a dear friend who I met when I lived up North, I have already shown her these and she approves so I am continuing to make some more, the shapes are very simple but with lots of embroidery. I must have them done before the end of the month so I better get my skates on! Also below a couple of other things I made as presents recently:

About a year or so ago I made my Grand daughter a bracelet and she was mortified when she lost it, I told her not to worry and I have made her another. Silk embroidered onto industrial felt fixed with velcro. She likes it that's all that matters.

The next was a present for a very dear friend who took me out to lunch last year. She likes these colours, you can't see much of the felt I got a bit carried away with needle weaving. I just love threads; as you can see. It was based loosely on a picture of some art deco jewelry. I think Mary liked it. I love making presents for people. It's my favourite way of showing that I care about someone.
Well I had better get on, be back soon Love Tricia x

Friday, 4 February 2011

A reminder of a little stillness on a stormy night.

Taken just a few days ago around about 6am dawn over Kent, UK

I love the star in these pictures sitting right on top of the new
crescent moon. A quiet interlude to remember on such a stormy