Sunday, 10 February 2008

It's been a while.

Well, I have come back, no more pictures of my work yet but it's been a difficult time. Late November last year I went in for an operation which has taken me a long time to recover from, just when I am feeling better it seems that I have been too optimistic and I need to take it easy again. Such is life, or lack of it.

I was really hoping that the New Year would have seen an end to all my inactivity.

I am hoping that I will feel more energetic soon, problem I have is that I have so many ideas buzzing about in my brain but I never seem to get any of them out there.

I am going back to needlefelting at the moment, I tried to see if I could do it when I first bought the needles and felting book, but I didn't have time at that point to take it any further than making a small ball. Well that small ball has just become the head of a little green elf like creature, Although I have been wet felting for years I have been very pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of felting with a needle. Now I have even more ideas and they really are begging me to try these out but I will have to pace myself because as usual life has to go on around my creativity.

Talking about creativity, I have rediscovered my love for home cooking. This may have been due to having to eat my husbands meals since being in hospital, no to be honest I can say his dinners are better than the hospital food, but I do prefer to cook from scratch and his dinners do tend to be limited to processed ready made pies etc... It has probably been coupled with the fact that I love home cooked veggies and after my op I had to keep things moving as it were.

We are falling into a new equilibrium of sharing roles too. I can no longer do very heavy lifting. So at last I am learning to delegate and ask for help where as once apon a time I would just dive in and struggle.

Hubby is also going to have to work very hard to get the garden well nourished with manure and other substances to lighten the heavy clay soil, we made a good attempt at this early last year, (being our first year here) but I have been told that I can't dig heavy clay anymore because of the strain it will cause me; and believe me I don't want to go through that operation again. I do however enjoy gardening so I will have to pace myself there too

I am hoping that hubby will start to encourage our 13 year old to do some of the garden as we grow our own veg now, he did try last year by buying some Giant pumpkin seeds, my husband ended up planting these and growing them, our son did however take an interest in making the pumpkin into an evil looking lantern once it had grown in time for Halloween. I managed to make a lovely curry with the flesh of the pumpkin.
We are still home educating, I did wonder if we would be nearly one year on. Talking about one year on, my 13 year old has only this week been harrased by the bullies once more over the internet and he is not sure how the so and so's managed to find out his details, I wonder if there will ever be an end to all of this. Just let anyone tell me he would be better off at school. In the short year that we have lived back down south I have realised that the state of the schools in Kent have really deteriorated. There is no real discipline or respect, I'm not just talking about the children either, the teachers down here have proved to me that they have also dropped their standards of respect towards the children too. I see no hope in the future for the next generations, not unless the parents take back responsibility for their children's education. Well, enough of that.
I am hoping to take some pictures of my work in the near future so that I can continue this blog in the way I intended originally. When I do put some more work on here I would appreciate any feedback as this is why I am writing this blog. A rather late wish to you all for a very Happy New Year.

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Helen Suzanne said...

Hiya. It will be lovely to see some more of your work when you get a chance to post it up. I've found blogging has increased my momentum to produce and spurred me on in the absence of many artistic souls that I can connect with.

It's really sad to hear what you say about the bullying and education system down there. Thankfully here in the islands personal respect is astoundingly high through out the generations. I wish you well with it all

and thank you for contacting me on the fibre arts mixed media site. do keep in touch :)

Helen S