Monday, 31 March 2008

Knit Design

Well, here I am again, I thought I would let you see that since I left college with my textile training behind me I have been trying all sorts of things. For a while I was busy being a mother to a young baby, (he is now nearly 14) During this time I did a lot of knitting and so it was a natural thing for me to try to design some things. I was recommended to a company who bought designs and I did try very hard to come up with things which would be very different, I sent off for some lovely yarns from the shetland Isles and the first of these images is knitted from these plus some hand dyed/spun kid mohair (blackberry). This one was meant to be for a Jacket and obviously the theme was Autumn, it was drawn out on Graph paper first; This wasn't accepted because although they liked the colour and design the materials they said were too heavy.

This one is knitted from a combination of ordinary yarn and some of my own plied experiments. I also added some felt on to this one. The design was meant to be for a short sleeved jumper for Christmas; Obviously when you make these designs you add as much as you can because it is just supposed to be a swatch. Some of the image/design would perhaps be put on the reverse.

Here are a couple of detailed

I can't remember why this design was rejected but it was, so that was the end of
my efforts as a knit designer.

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