Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The show must go on: One more Postcard safely received

Before I post the next swap that I sent to Karrin in the States I wish to thank everyone who sent kind wishes in response to the last blog which told of our awful trauma of a nasty car accident. My hubby is still in pain with whiplash but he survived the accident and that is the main thing.

We are without a car but the show must go on as they say.

Well here is the card I made for Karrin (this was for the postcard swap on stitching fingers) which she has just received.

this is a view of a Kent Farmhouse near to where I live. 17th Century I believe. I have embellished some tweedy woollen fabric for the brickwork which seemed perfect for the job and the rest is just fleece with a couple of stitches to outline the windows.
Oh well back to work.


Anonymous said...

this is a lovely postcard - the tweed makes wonderfully effective brickwork.

Rosie said...

That is so lovely, I have just joined fabric postcards on SF, and can't wait to get started.

Glad your hubby is feeing better

Tricks said...

Thanks Rosie and Paula I'm glad you like them, it's always nice to get feedback. Making postcards is such great fun. There are not enough hours in a day to do all the things I would like to, but these are small enough to get a few done, when I can. Cheers Tricia

Helen Suzanne said...

this is wonderful Tricia. I really like the brickwork effect

Tricks said...

Gosh Helen, Cant you sleep either? LOL. We will have to call ourselves Textile Bloggers anonymous, I have an excuse, I am menopausal, what's yours? lol. The funny thing is, I was responding to your blog when you were responding to mine, how freaky is that? At either ends of the country too! LOL. Well thanks for looking in. I forgot to mention, I loved the piece you have on the moorland, tell us more about it if you can, those heathery colours can be so ellusive, I know what you mean. Cheers Tricia

Sue B said...

What a beautiful card!

Tricks said...

Thanks Sue,I love to get feedback, Cheers Tricia

queenopearls said...

Brilliant use of fabric for the bricks. I just love this piece. Total inspiration and I thank you!
Cleveland, OH

queenopearls said...

I just love this piece! Brilliant use of the fabric for the bricks, it works SO well! And the simplicity of the stitches for the windows. Hey, I'd frame it, because that is art! Thank you!
~Christina, Cleveland, OH

Tricks said...

Thank you Christina,
This postcard piece has now been swapped, she liked it a lot. It is certainly so nice to receive your comments. Cheers Tricia