Sunday, 6 July 2008

Back to my roots

Well as we start to eat our way through this seasons growth I began to think of things that I did when I lived in Kent and when I was studying art, oh many moons ago now. Well, I have been walking up and down the garden a lot lately watching the veggies grow, subconsciously, I kept looking at the colour of some of the greens we are growing. I know I have seen them all before but I kept thinking how lovely. Then it reminded me that I once did a whole project based on colour theory using the humble cabbage as a starting point.Some of these greens are not even green in places I know this often happens, I can't tell you why, it's as if some of the larger leaves lose some of the chloraphil and it's almost like when autumn comes, it's usually the larger flatter leaves nearer the base of the plant that turn a beautiful colour.
Even the green ones are beautiful with the light behind them, showing the all the veins in a wonderfully architectural way.

It's when the leaves change from green to yellow and then to red that it fascinates me. Oh how I wish plant dyes were stable. How to reproduce these colours, colours of nature, colours that we can easily overlook if we don't take time to stop.
How beautiful are these?

Ok we know our onions!

yes we grow allsorts, I just love vegetables, but that's me.

we grow flowers too, in the front half, but talking about flowers, I heard somewhere that in the states, they grow runner beans just for decoration, I wonder if this is true, what a waste, they taste so good too.

Our Marrows are on their way, or if I get impatient they will be courgettes.

There was point to this blog, before I got carried away with my veggie pictures. Well, back to my roots is simply symbolic for me, I think as an artist I need to go back to creating and not worrying who it's for. My daughter says I won't compromise but there again she sees things from a business perspective. I don't make good art when I am thinking about who is going to buy it, so instead of trying to please everyone else I am going to be true to my artistic nature and please myself. I am going to study nature and colour and textures and what aesthetically pleases me, if someone buys it great, but if they don't at least I'll like it. so back to my roots means to study, research and enjoy. We'll see what comes of it and time will tell if I was right.


Anonymous said...

The veggie garden looks great. I agree with your thoughts about creating for yourself, rather than what will sell. looking forward to seeing the fruits of yout research!

Tricks said...

Thanks Paula,
for encouraging me. It's so hard some times to do what you feel you ought to for the sake of your art when infact many people, sometimes including your own family who think that what you should be doing is focusing on making money. I think my children will have to wait till my demise to collect their fortune, well, isnt that what most artists do. they die poor and then their art makes a fortune? LOL.

No seriously, If I make a present for someone I don't mind doing what will please them, but to make art for someone I don't know based upon how much money that person might have to spend, well, I can't turn that into a formula for good artwork.

As artists we all go through these blocks from time to time and we have doubts as to why we do what we do, but with other artist's like you to encourage me I will get there I am sure. Thanks Tricia

Helen Suzanne said...

I found the same tricia. if I start thinking what will sell everything falls to bits quite rapidly. I'll really look forward to seeing your nature studies. I know something wonderful will come out of it and it will be very interesting to see your journey.

Tricks said...

Hi Helen,
Oh yes, but where to start, that's the 64 million dollar question. I find because I love nature so much I get completely overwhelmed by it.
It's the same with landscape, how much I would love to just portray essences but I never know when to stop. I get carried away. Well, back to the drawing board I suppose as they say, or drawing I should say.
I always think of Constable and a talk someone gave to us as students many moons ago. Something about how Constable could take an old gatepost covered in moss and make it something special. Not sure if I have that right but hopefully you get the gist of what I am saying.
I've been seeing for many years and knowing what inspires me but it is only now that I feel I want to chase that illusive essence of things that I am after.

It's bit like a dragonfly hovering over our pond, you know it's beautiful but it is so fleeting that moment when you see it that you can't quite capture it in your memory the way you remember it, does that make sense, well, it does to me.

I think I will have to start with abstract ideas that way I can deal with little elements instead of the whole. Well, that's my current theory, it may change. Here goes. thanks Helen. Speak soon.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Tricia, I think you are a very talented artist and I admire your work immensely. I have nominated your for the Brillante Weblog Premio award. Please go to my blog and have a look. Thanks and have a great day. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Oooh Judy, an award, oh that's just so nice of you, Thank you. Thank you also for the lovely compliments you have given me, that means a lot. It's just so nice to be appreciated. Cheers Tricia