Friday, 7 November 2008

The Weald of Kent In Autumn

It had to be done, all the native trees are turning here in Kent, long behind many non native trees which are already bare. So I had to get out there and take some pictures.

A couple of weeks ago I took many woodland pictures, which I have uploaded on to a new to me picture hosting site (Pixum) Well, I tried out there special offer and found them to be very good value. The pictures were sent pronto and at a very reasonable introductory price. Under £9 for 99 standard prints delivered to my door.
Anyway I went today in what was left of the afternoon sunshine and took nearly another 150 pictures and I placed them into another album, I will get these printed up too, I intend to use all of these photos as inspiration for a body of work on Landscape.

I have only put the first few onto here today, many of those I have taken have focused on the Kent hedgerow. Many close ups included.

Some, like this one above, and the last one below, are views from my rear garden. I am so lucky living in this part of the world.

These are just general scenes but as I say there are more focused ones in the album, like this one below, which are full of texture, light and colour.

I am quite happy to share these images if anyone would like to use them as inspiration for landscape work, all I ask is that I am credited with the source photo from which the work comes. If anyone would like to see the full album or indeed my woodland album, please let me know and I will post you an invitation. Obviously in the Albums you can view them all as a screen show and see much clearer on a larger image. I hope you enjoy them as much as I know I will when I begin to work on my sketches for the work I am planning to do. My idea, is to capture this little part of Kent for posterity.

P.S. here are the sheep from the field at the back of my house, that provide me with all my lovely fleece!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful countryside. i am looking forward to seeing your landscapes from these. very different from our local landscapes

Tricks said...

Thanks Paula,
Yes, I love this part of our country. Kent is the Garden of England and there is still a little of it left as it used to be.
Cheers Triciax

Kayla coo said...

These are beautiful pictures.
As you know I love trees and the colours are amazing.
Look forward to your landscape work.x

Tricks said...

Hi Kayla
I thought that you would like these if you dropped by, if you want to see the others let me know and I can send you an invitation.
I love your pictures of trees too. I am glad we both love trees, this planet needs them so badly.
Bw Triciax

T said...

Great landscape photos Tricia. The colours are beautiful. Very different than what we have over here in Australia. The autumn tones are fantastic. Using these for inspiration will make your landscapes very special. Cant wait to see them.


Tricks said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for dropping by, yes, I have taken lots more too. I am having them printed off so that I can use them whenever I want for inspiration. Autumn is lovely here the Weald used to be a huge wooded area and still has more trees than many other areas of Kent, so I have all this at my finger tips. I'll post some work as soon as I have it underway. Thanks for the encouragement. BW Triciax

Jackie said...

Thanks for taking part in my survey. You live in a beautiful place.

Tricks said...

Hi Jackie,
You're welcome, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I consider myself very lucky indeed to be living in this part of Kent. Best Wishes. Triciax