Friday, 30 January 2009

A wonderful trade and a lucky find!

I've been such a lucky thing this week, I was approached by Lisa to make a trade, she does the most amazing ATC's often using old photos (ephemera.) I was rather cheeky when she asked me what I would like to choose, I asked her if she could make me something special for my Grand daughter who has recently auditioned in the first part of the process for the Royal Ballet School. For those of you who haven't heard about my talented little Grand daughter, she was a Champion Acro Gymnast winning a bronze for her country last year at the age of 11. She has now changed her direction and is doing extremely well training as a dancer and hopes to go very far indeed.
As she works so very hard at what she does I wanted to send her something special so Lisa very kindly agreed to make me an Atc themed to Ballet. She sent me two! beautiful cards and my Grand daughter is just so thrilled and these little cards will be going in frames to go on her wall.

They are simple wonderful images, they remind me of Degas' work, what do you think?

Here is my lucky find, I subscribe to the local Freecycle groups and I just happened to be reading through the offered goods and look what I came across, over 100 Embroiderer's Guild Magazines, for Nothing! There are three decades here, it's an amazing addition to my library and they were being offered by a very nice lady not 15 miles from here and her name is Patricia, well, of course she is a very nice lady with that name, no seriously I was over the moon. These sites where you can recycle like this are marvellous, you imagine if I tried to buy all these. If these sites were not available they might have ended up thrown away, now isn't that an awful thought. Very soon I am going to be having a clear out and I will be advertising a lot of Machine knitting wool and scraps of fabric to freecycle, so hopefully some knitter might be just as pleased with their find. If you are reading this Patricia thanks again.
The last two images are the gifts that I have sent to Lisa, if you are reading this Lisa and you haven't got your parcel yet, don't look if you want a surprise, lol. Lisa wanted a landscape ATC which I have made inspired by a local view. I have also become quite happy making little fabric brooches and there is one below, made from felt and fabric beads and embroidery. Hope Lisa likes them.
Next post will be the February Challenge get ready for some work on Tone.
Best wishes Tricia x


yvette said...

Hi proud granny! wonderfull swaps....I can't believe you make these wonderfull little artworks like the little landscape. Now I've finished my first atc ever, I know how difficult it is. (ot..was it a little like it should be?)
I've never heard of this freecycling.Fabulous!
love Yvette

Tricks said...

Hi Yvette,
Thank you for your lovely comments, yes I am a very proud Nanny.
Yvette, when I first started to work very small I found it extremely difficult, like you, I used to work on a much larger scale and I also enjoyed putting my work in the landscape so I do understand your work. I found that working small has a different feel to it and now it is second nature to work on this scale. I was forced to work smaller for lack of space. Just experiment Yvette, it will come easier as you practice. You are doing very well for your first attempt so keep going with it. Well done with your first ATC, perhaps you could swap with someone and seeing someone elses work can help you with your own, I know it helped me to swap. Best Wishes Tricia x

Genie said...

lovely swaps Tricia, Ballet brings back childhood memories for me as i used to dance.
Have a great weekend

Kayla coo said...

How lucky to find those magazines!
Beautiful ballet pictures.x