Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day - and work in progress

A Very Happy Mother's Day to one and all.

We have been looking at colour on the Textile Challenge site this month so to look at these flowers it seems an obvious statement to acknowledge and praise the wonder of natures colours. These flowers are a little more vibrant in real life; a deeper pink. In the real flower the yellow seems to sing in the centre of such a pink. I would probably be quite hesitant if putting these two colours together, but nature does it wonderfully albeit with mans intervention, I accept that these Chrysanthemums have probably been hybridised by selection.

There have been some wonderful examples of experiments in colour from members of the textile group, I do feel that we can all learn by each of these. I feel it has been a very useful challenge indeed.

My own efforts have been based around my fascination with changing light and sky colours and the effect that these have on the landscape. I have not entirely mastered what I wanted to acheive but I have made a start. Seen below are the first attempts in looking at group of Silver birch trees with a darkened stormy sky in the background. This scene also fascinates me because the field in the background appears almost gold in colour, even though it is actually just a field of grass, it is the sky and light which seems to effect it. A few minutes before this stormy sky appeared, this field appeared as green as the one in the foreground. It is amazing what you can see when you take the time to watch the changing light.

This felted piece is only work in progress and still needs a lot of stitching. As can be seen in the detail below. I will try to remember to show the finished piece when it is done.


Genie said...

Happy Mothers day Tricia
Hope you are feeling better?
lovely work in progress

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful flowers.
I'm sorry to hear you have not been well, I do hope you are taking things easy.
Best wishes
Michala x

Paula Hewitt said...

This is lovely. I, too, have been playing with colour in landscapes - so much scope.
happy Mothers Day (ours is in May)

Clare W said...

THis is such wonderful stitching, Looking forward to so much to seeing it finished.

yvette said...

yes happy mothers day, we also have it in may,
Tricks you descripe so well how nature gives us colors!

T said...

We also have mothers day in May in Australia, and chrisanthimums are the mothers day flower. The colours are not ones that are readily combined by many artists, but they do look stunning together the yellow and deep pink. It must have been amazing looking at that changing light before the storm Tricia. Your landscape has captured it too. And the movement of the wind as well.


Tricks said...

Hi all,
Thanks to everyone who has dropped by and left such lovely comments and good wishes. I am so glad that you have found the work of interest.
I must say sorry for not having been very active, I regret not replying to you all individually but things have been particularly difficult of recent. I do hope that you all understand.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you continue to enjoy the future challenges and blogs. Cheers Tricia x