Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Little Distraction

Or perhaps this should be titled a Big distraction. Gosh I forgot how much time a new puppy takes. I suppose after not being well it has been a good way to focus on something else.

Meet Spyro, (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) he is meant to be my Son's new puppy but.... well, you know what that means if you are a Mum. It means that Mum does all the poop a scooping, and Son gets to play.

Spyro did not want to pose, he was in a playful mood.

Being playful is his favourite thing at present!!

Ok, this is the closest I am going to get to a portrait.

He can't be said to be modest either. Our old flat coat retriever pictured here is just so tolerant to having his ears chewed, I am so surprised that he doesn't bite back.
Be back soon with creative blog I promise.


yvette said...

This is also a log i adore...hoi sweet your oldy is so patient...

Tricks said...

Hi Yvette,
Yes, my old dog is really quite a softy. Only this morning the puppy thought it might be fun to chew on our old dogs paws. Our old dog just sat there, he didn't even growl at him. Luckily, the puppy hasn't got much strength in his jaws/teeth just yet!
Thanks for dropping by. Tricia x

Anonymous said...

how sweet, especially the two of them together.

T said...

Great to see your new puppy Tricia. What a beauty. He looks adorable, and has such a lovely face with big eyes. Good name too. Spyro, I like that. He is a lucky dog to have you to look after him. xt

Helen Suzanne said...

wow what a commitment Tricia! but I can see he's just gorgeous... who could resist those eyes, lol. You mention "after being ill" - does this mean you're getting back on your feet again? I really hope so.
all the best
Helen S