Sunday, 17 May 2009

June Challenge - Art Deco

Hi everyone,

Are you all ready for a great challenge, well I hope it will be. I chose Art Deco because I feel it is one of the most beautiful art styles ever. I feel the classical is epitomized in this era.

I thought that I would have to do lots of research for this before giving you a long line of Links. That was not the case, I managed to find just the right site to help you to look at this style and research it completely. The site I am speaking of is the V&A just click here. I hope that this link will provide you with everything you will need to introduce you to the wonderful world of Art Deco.

The great thing about this site is that you can clearly see all sorts of objects including Textiles from which to derive some wonderful inspiration. When I say objects, this in itself is a real advantage, because if any of you are thinking of making anything in 3 dimensions like a box then looking at these objects could well give you a stepping off point. There is a very clear statement in the objects of this era. Similar lines can be seen in all sort of things ranging from radios to buildings. There is even an interactive map on this site that shows buildings in London that were built at that period.

I know I may sound as though I am raving about this style but I often think I was born too late. I would have loved to have dressed up in the clothes of this time. Yes, you've guessed, I love this Art Style.

So here is your challenge, take a long look at all the Art Deco on the V&A site, make some drawings, try to get to understand the very essence of the Style/Period. Choose an object to make using this as inspiration and off you go. Good Luck Tricia x

A Little Distraction

Or perhaps this should be titled a Big distraction. Gosh I forgot how much time a new puppy takes. I suppose after not being well it has been a good way to focus on something else.

Meet Spyro, (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) he is meant to be my Son's new puppy but.... well, you know what that means if you are a Mum. It means that Mum does all the poop a scooping, and Son gets to play.

Spyro did not want to pose, he was in a playful mood.

Being playful is his favourite thing at present!!

Ok, this is the closest I am going to get to a portrait.

He can't be said to be modest either. Our old flat coat retriever pictured here is just so tolerant to having his ears chewed, I am so surprised that he doesn't bite back.
Be back soon with creative blog I promise.