Friday, 7 January 2011


I am a reader of the Natural dyes website, the newsletters get delivered straight to my inbox. I don't always find anything of interest but today I was shocked by what I read, I tried to add a link but you have to be subscribed before you can access it - it is a Yahoo site if any of you are interested.
Anyway, I felt compelled to at least add the information below which tells of the devastating distruction to the environment to grow cotton. I certainly never realised this. I always thought of cotton being such a healthy fabric.
I only have one thing to say here: good for all of you who recycle this precious but very poor environmental product. Keep it up and spread the word. I will certainly think twice before any cotton in my house goes to waste in the future. I am so glad that I am primarily a felt maker.

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T said...

The production of cotton takes its toll on our environment alright, and yet so much of it is thrown away when it is less fashionable or marked. the reuse of preloved fabrics is good for everyone.


Tricks said...

Yes, I agree with you Teresa, I do blame the fashion industry to some extent because youngsters quite often refuse to wear last seasons clothes.
Still we get some satisfaction when we go to Charity shops and find a good bargain to recycle don't we, and a sense of lowering our own carbon footprint a little.
Wouldn't it be good if we could encourage the young to recycle what they have worn themselves. My 16 year old buys plain clothes as he doesn't really like to advertise for others; He's like me on that one. What he does is he customises them himself and makes his own identity. I wish it would catch on. I think he looks a lot more cool than many kids of his age. Well, I will keep recycling and I am sure many other textile workers will too. Thanks for dropping by Teresa. Speak soon Tricia x:D