Thursday, 24 February 2011

More Brooches

Here are some more of the brooches I am making for my friend, these will be for the lady's day that they are holding in March so I just finished them in time. I hope that they like them.
Some are similar but they differ either in colour or design so everyone is infact unique. Just how I like it; I hate to repeat exactly what I do, I believe that is what machines are for, no I like to make every thing I do slightly different. Even when I make a series it should show variations.

These below are slightly closer photos of the ones above; they are not copies.

As always click on the pictures if you would like to look closer although sometimes the images are not as clear, my hand is not so steady these days. Never mind my sewing hand is. If you do drop by do leave a comment. Thanks to you who do. Tricia x


Lynda Howells said...

oh..l am in love with your brooches..they are gorgeous. Waving from Putney in Londonxxxx just found your blog b ut l have subscribed so don't loose track of you!x lynda
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Tricks said...

Thanks lynda,
Waving back from Kent. I feel your work is lovely and free which is what i am aiming at with mine. Your paintings could easily be illustrations in books, they are vibrant and dazzle. Wonderful. Thanks for following I am doing the same as I'd like to see what you are going to do next Best Wishes Tricia :D