Saturday, 7 November 2015

Been too long!

I can't believe it's three years since I wrote on here.  I got a bit miffed when I found that someone had written an article that popped through my door showing how to make my brooches. They didn't even change the colour or style. So I left the blog for quite a while. It wasn't any of my friends, it was just someone who must have seen my brooch and thought it a great way to make some cash.

Never mind I hope I'm back, lol. I can't post anything at the mo because I now work from an iPad and I'm not sure how to download images from here yet. Hopefully I'll figure it out. Until then you can see my work on my Facebook page Tricias Textiles. Hope you'll pop over and take a look.

That's all for now folks, I hope this is au revior.


Deborah said...

Great to see you back Tricia; the nerve of some people x

Tricks said...

Thanks Deborah for being the first of my followers to welcome me back. Blogger has really changed, does anyone know how to get a photo from an iPad to my blog page?