Saturday, 26 April 2008

Essence of Kent

Helen and I seem to be on a similar wavelength at the moment. She has inspired me to put some of my pictures that I took recently of old buildings/outhouses. It is the one thing that makes me think of my part of kent. I am wanting to make some studies of things that make me think Kent as I remember it when I was a child so I went with a friend to her friend's home to help her feed her donkey and cats whilst she is away. I took my camera because I know the land around which used to be a small holding/orchard held just what I wanted.This is a little house for the goats to go to in the rain.
Disused hen houses
I love the old shallow tin bucket with handle on the top of this pile, I have one of these myself at home that we use to take out the ashes, it was my mothers. I wonder what it was used for, probably animal feeding or such like.
Yet another view of an animal shelter.
I'm not sure exactly how I will use these images as yet. I have made a couple of quick sketches but I think that I need to only use part of these and concentrate on the ageing process when I do make further studies.


Helen Suzanne said...

a lovely collection!. I think your right about those shallow buckets... I've seen a farmer in Cumbria use on for hen feed.

Victoria said...

I really like these photos, as I am always fascinated by the evidence of time gone by, worn and aged things. Very lovely!

quiltlion said...

Images are awsome, I need to go take some I just had inspiration with the last picture. It has to do with embroidery and silk ribbon!

Tricks said...

I'm glad you are inspired Quiltlion. You must let me see where it takes you. Thanks for the comment Tricia