Monday, 21 April 2008

TIF Challenge April - The way I see change

Well, here are the different views/studies that I made from the picture to insert into the wheel. I know that they don't look much on their own but once they go between the spokes of the cart wheel, I believe they come together as a whole.

I had to start with the horses head at the top of the wheel.

I know that the studies of the people in the picture are not really portraits, in other words I couldn't get their likenesses but it's on such a small scale and it is felt after all, not making excuses though, I just wanted the essence of the picture.
The bow top wagon is in the picture but only a little is showing behind my grand mother so I have looked at other images, it is only a simple study.
The picture of my Grand mother here, I was only trying to capture a little of the period dress, they always wore pinny's on top of their clothes in those days,
I couldn't get a likeness here either but I have tried to capture my grandfathers swathy/darker complexion with a darker, natural fleece.
Ok, this was not in the picture but I did research from a book I have and it is such an iconic symbol for the travelling way of life, I added/lit the fire after adding this element to the wheel.
This was just a scene from the same book as above.
I had to include this figure, with his cloth cap, even though I don't know who he is.
The finished piece I beleive works well, and I am so pleased that I chose to keep to the monochrome as I have been promising myself I would see what was possible with natural fleece colours. I have give the piece a wavy edge with blanket stitch as it reminds me of the mud that would be picked up on the wheel as it travels. Below are a few close ups.
I have really enjoyed doing this challenge, especially as it means somuch to me and I expect that it is a piece of work that one of my children will enjoy in the future to remind them of their travelling heritage.
One more close up here
Well Sharon, I am waiting for May now to see what you will come up with, I hope it will inspire me the same way this has. Thanks for a great challenge, keep it up.


Guzzisue said...

This is wonderful and I find the story behind it fascinating.

MargB said...

I really enjoyed this post and your challenge piece. Thankyou

Tricks said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, I am so glad that you enjoyed the work. Cheers Tricia

carrie said...

That is such an interesting piece. I really enjoyed reading your comments - thanks

Tanguera said...

Nicely done. Love how all the pieces look inside the wheel and the story that goes behind each one.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

This turned out so beautiful, I didn't know that you could get such detail with felting. The monocromatic colors are perfect for what you were showing. I know your children will love it.

Tricks said...

Thanks everyone for such encouraging comments on my very first challenge. It really spurs you on doesn't it? Cheers Tricia

margaret said...

Fascinating - thanks for sharing your thoughts and process. If this will be passed to your children, make sure the story is written down and passed with it!

Tricks said...

Thanks Margaret, I'm so glad you found it of interest. I have a folder already with Family history in it. Only trouble is a lot of guess work goes in to finding where people were when they were travellers. I'm so glad that I listened to my mother's recollections while she was still alive. Thanks again Tricia