Monday, 25 October 2010

It's been far too long......

Where has the last year gone? I have been trying too hard to juggle too many things and overstretched myself in more ways than is humanly possible.
On top of this I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my knee and back so that's why I felt so terrible and kept falling over!
This has all took it's toll and left me feeling very tired and more than a little despondent. Never mind life goes on....
Back to my work, I have started to look again at my recurring theme of geometry. I've been looking at Mandalas and found them fascinating. So I decided to start designing one of my own and I may do a series.

I have always enjoyed playing with a compass so that's where I began. As I have always loved ponds and fish etc.. I decided that my first shapes began to go in that direction.

Then the lotus flower seemed a natural centre piece especially for something that is meant to be used to help you to meditate.
Here is this small piece in progress, I am experimenting with stitching using a variegated cotton on the fish for scales. Although this is a small experimental piece, it could just as easily be enlarged to fit any wall as a hanging.
Well, I hope to be back a bit sooner next time. Bye for now Tricia


jackie said...

I so agree,it frightens me to think of losing my creativity and the buzz it gives me anew every week. I hope you keep on growing.

Tricks said...

Thanks Jackie,
Yes, Creativity is the one thing that keeps me going, without it I wouldn't be who I am. Thanks for popping by. Cheers Tricia

Helen Suzanne said...

nice to see you back in the blog... this piece is so intricate!!! beautiful

Tricks said...

Thanks Helen, it's good to be back. Thanks for the lovely comment too. Hope your new life is really buzzing. Best Wishes Tricia