Friday, 5 November 2010

Zendalas a way to loosen up.

Hi all,
Thought I would share with you something I have discovered whilst surfing. I saw Zentangles (These are the same as below except rectangular) noted on Gail Burton's blog Thanks Gail, these have really inspired me, I often find myself doodling whilst on the phone. Afterwards I look at what I have produced whilst my logical brain has been too busy to notice and I am usually amazed. There is a theory behind this, it goes like this. If you say "I am going to draw a door" Your logical brain says: " I know what a door looks like" so you end up drawing a symbol of a door, not a particular door. Your creative side of the brain should say shut up I need to study a door before I can draw it properly. Well, it's the same theory when you doodle. You release your creative side to do what it wants to do.
For a long time now, I have been trying to find ways to inspire pattern in my stitching. I have various up to date books on free stitching but have never really got to grips with it. I absolutely love stitch and pattern together. Now as you can see my first attempt was nothing special, I was just getting into it.
However, I do believe the next one is showing more promise.
The last one below I gave it a theme that I am often thinking about because of the symbolism in a trinity being so strong in Early Christian/Celtic Art. I think I can run with the ideas with this Zentangling or Zendalas ( I would call it Zen doodling if I had my way) in as much as I can use the lines to inspire my stitch. It will be a challenge to find ways of stitching to copy some of the patterns. So this will be were I will be going next. I feel sure it will help to loosen up my art work just what I have needed for so long. Wish me luck and Watch this space. (Thanks again Gail) Oh and you can see it demonstrated on You Tube, great fun to watch Bye for now Tricia .


T said...

these are great Tricia, and what a fantastic way to loosen up your designs and patterns.....they will look wonderful in stitch. Can't wait to see them.


Tricks said...

Thanks Teresa,
Yes, I am quite excited about these, I might try some experiments with mixed media first before I launch into felt. I think I will learn more that way. Thanks for dropping by, Tricia.

Ati. said...

Tricia, thank you for your nice comment on my blog :)
Those zentangles are beautiful. I am curious how you will turn then into something else with fibres.

Tricks said...

Thanks Ati,
I am on a journey of discovery when I get there I will share it with you. Cheers Tricia x

Gail Burton said...

Hi Tricia,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've been so immersed in my art lately that I've barely been on it myself, oh...and thanks for linking me to my zentagle post, I'm glad it inspired you!

Gail x

Tricks said...

Your very welcome Gail, I know what it is like, when you're so busy making it's hard to even turn on the computer. At present I cannot do much because of ill health so I am catching up surfing to all the other textile blogs including some new ones I've found like yours. Thanks again for the inspiration Regards Tricia x

jackie said...

Thanks for your comment The Zentangles are great fun, I recently did some with sharpies and biros with the group I work with.

Rosalind said...

I keep seeing Zentangles popping up and find them fascinating! I am going to have to join in the fun. Wonder if I could quilt them?

Tricks said...

Hi Rosalind,
Just wait till you see what I have created with hand stitching, I will be taking photos soon and then who knows this might just inspire your quilting. I've really enjoyed experimeting. Watch this space. I love to see what you can do with these. Best Wishes Tricia x