Friday, 3 December 2010

Creativity comes in many forms

Hi all,
I do have quite a lot of work that I am finishing but haven't photographed it yet.

However, I thought as I finally have mastered the art of downloading videos on here allbeit on the video bar ( I would have preferred to have had it in this post) I would like to share with you the video that my daughter took at my Grand daughter's big, big competition 2 years ago. Rebekah was only 11 years old at the time when she won her bronze medal for her country performing in an international competition in Glasgow competiting with global gymnasts including Russia.
She was the youngest ever to acheive a medal at this age. The only thing I would say is that it was a pity that the judges heads were in the way and that they had the best seats! lol. Still my daughter did get most of the best bits.
Now Acro gymnastics is short for Acrobatic Gymnastics. this is without a safety net, I might add. You can view the video in the video bar, just ignore the snooker, it's the first one on the bar and my Grand daughter is the smallest of the pair.
This photo here shows more of what she is capable of, Rebekah is the one in mid air and her partner is waiting to catch her; Thank goodness she always does! Touch wood!!!! It takes enormous trust to leap off of someones shoulders like this and do a backwards somersault. Still they do say that some children have no fear and as a toddler I can confirm that the back of my sofa was good practice for her future career. She now has a diploma in Gymnastics as well as the medal, not bad at that age don't you think? Well, I won't bore you anymore but do watch the video I know I am biased but I do think she is just so clever. Well as I say creativity comes in many forms and no one can tell me she hasn't mastered her art. Back soon Keep warm (if you are in the UK) Cheers Tricia

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