Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mandalas and Zendalas with stitch

Hi all, Well I said i would be back and a little sooner than usual too. Even though I have not been well, work on a small scale has been happening when I have felt well enough.
Remember this, well it is well and truly finished. I have decided not to add eyes to the fish, as I want to keep the abstract nature of the design. This is my own design based around the idea of the lotus flower/water lily. Being a Pisces it does have meaning for me; at least.

click on this and all the images below to get a close up


Now for the Zendalas, the first one I wasn't completely satisfied, I enjoyed the exploration but felt that either the back ground was too busy or the thread was a bit heavy; this meant that I tried to cram too much into the small space. by the way these are about the size of a coaster.

This next one I started to get the feel of what was possible I didn't like the design much but I have to believe that this is because it is not really a conscious design but a subconscious one. After all I am in effect taking my thread for a walk.

Then, I know I did look briefly at one of the pen doodles that I had made here, if you remember;

but I simplified it to some extent so it was still a subconscious doodle that I
turned into a design.

I do believe I had already learned the essentials of working in this way. Ok for some the work might still be too tight but perhaps that is just me. I am learning to free up my ideas around stitch. I am trying to acheive a series of samples with out worrying where the stitches go.
I am experimenting with the two things I love the most well three probably line, shape and colour which really translates into pattern. I think that is enough to be working with all at the same time.
Below is the one I really liked because I just filled in areas as I went along and literally didn't know where the original line was going to take me. I still found myself trying to have some control. I worked in the chain stitch first which you can see is more predominant and as I went along I decided almost instinctively to use the variegated thread to decide when i was going to change direction. A funny thing to do but it worked a little for me.
You see I have recently bought a job lot of very fine variegated threads and it will allow me to practice my passion to my hearts content until I have refined my techniques and then for special pieces i shall use my favourite variegated silk. I do still have some planning in all of this and then of course what will they become? Ah we'll have to wait and see.

So what do you all think. Do you love them or do you hate them. I know, I am a 60/70's girl and it shows. I can see the paisley creeping in at some point, lol.

I've got some more work that I've posted as a present but until it is received, I will not show it yet. Be back soon I hope. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers Tricia x

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