Thursday, 29 May 2008

Cyberfyber swaps

Hi all, I am a little behind taking photos at the moment, so I thought I had better catch up. First there is the Cyberfyber swap. Here are the two cards I decided to request:
This is the postcard and is made with Bridal Lace, isn't it beautiful, I particularly like the way it has been coloured.

This one is the ATC and has lots of interest, stitching, layering, there is metal foil under one of the layers and then there is the architectural feature with cherubs. It's really delightful. Thank you Susan, I love them.

Well, I hope that Susan likes hers, I have concentrated on a really Kentish/English theme. The first one below is a Postcard and is needlefelted with embroidery. It is called Old Kent Orchard.

Here is a close up of the Postcard.
This next one is an ATC and is the same theme but obviously on a smaller scale.
It is entitled: Old Apple Trees


Helen Suzanne said...

I do like these borders that you create around the felt pictures. It adds to the sense of "treasure".

Tricks said...

Thank you Helen,

Yes, I have sort of invented a little stitch, well it's three stitches really, the first is blanket then I do a chain at the base of this and then I weave a thread between the top of the blanket and one of the loops of the chain stitch. It takes a long time but I think that the edges are important. Thanks Tricia

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Tricia!
OH MY GOSH! Your gorgeous cards arrived here yesterday. My head is still spinning...trying to think up some new adjective that seems fitting for such incredible beauty. They are both beyond the usual words. Thank you ever so much for trading with me, for such fabulous work, and especially for blogging about CYBER FYBER!

Tricks said...

Thank you Susan, I am so very glad that you liked them. They took ages to get to you. Still so long as they arrived there safely. I don't know what to say, it was such a lovely spontaneous comment that you made, I'm really chuffed. Thanks and you are welcome. Tricia