Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tif Challenge for May: What do I call myself?

Well, I have finished the challenge, as I said before in the previous post on the challenge below, I have based my idea around the idea that artists often have other angles to the things that they do. I chose Seurat as he was often described as a scientist of colour. There are other artist's like this, look at Leonardo for instance. How could he be described? Artist/? Engineer? Biologist perhaps?

Well, anyway, back to my challenge.

I have used monotone to show that there are other ways to analyse. I think that this is one thing that makes me an artist, I analyse what I do and see. Seurat analysed the picture in terms of colour using pointellist techniques. I have analysed his picture in tone using the play of light and shade to indicate forms. There are no unnecessary details in his work or my piece that was inspired by it. I admit I used the computer to turn the picture to grayscale before I made the work. This is a first time use of the computer to inspire my textile work so that's a new techinique in itself. Here are a couple of close ups of the finished work.
I hope that I have also managed to show that paint is not the only medium that can be used in an impressionistic manner.
Well, I hope you like the work and understand the theory behind it's making. Bye for now Tricia


mieke noor said...

I've read your post twice to understand it completely (I'm not a native speaker I'm Dutch). But now I do and I think I can follow your thoughts. I'm going to google some more about Seurat. Thank you for the tip. Beautifully made woolfelt and what a special look it gives in those monotone colours. Really nice this TIF May is!

Tricks said...

Thank you Mieke,
for such kind comments about my work, I's so glad that you began to understand what I was trying to say. It is hard enough for those speaking english without trying to understand when you have a different language. I think that there is something on the internet that you can use to translate, I believe it is free too. I don't know whether that would help you at times. It has been a very good challenge this time. Thanks again Tricia

Sara said...

this piece is wonderful. You made the most interesting interpretation of the picture. It's great how you got all the tones of black.

Tricks said...

Thank you Sara,
I did no dyeing in this work, like my other work on Change. I used all natural coloured fleece. It's quite nice not having to worry about colour sometimes. I love colour but sometimes like a black white picture you can see more with out it. Thanks for you kind encouragement. Thanks for joining my new site too. Tricia

Kay said...

How interesting. This is one of my favorite paintings for one thing, and for another, I too, have found it interesting to turn things into gray scale. And finally, I'm so impressed that you could do anything with this month's theme, which leaves me totally blank.

Magpie Sue said...

I'm finally allowing myself to look at and read some of what others are doing for this month's challenge. I haven't executed mine yet but have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do. What most impresses me about your response is how you've highlighted the fact that recognized artists of the past could also have been considered something other than an artist. I find that enlightening and encouraging. Thank you!

fiona d said...

I find this piece fascinating both in the subject matter and what you've done with it. I enjoyed going back and reading all the background to it as well. The range of tones gives your piece a lovely depth. Great interpretation!