Saturday, 10 May 2008

I took a few days off to catch up wth the Garden

Hi again, I have been taking a few days off from stitching to catch up with the garden.
Between us, yes all three, that includes our 14 year old, we have weeded, cut the ever growing grass (I won't say lawn), planted four fruit trees and re sited the pond. That's without the greenhouse which needed to be re built after last years winds. The weather has been wonderful, this picture was taken at dusk, it doesn't really show how much sun we've had in the last week. I am burnt, yes sunburnt, much worse than that though is the fact that I have been eaten alive with midgies/gnats; Why do they always attack me?
We are so lucky to be living here. We've had the Cuckoo out there cuckooing for all his worth. The birds we have in this area are so varied and beautiful. This really is "Darling buds of May" country. I was told by someone when we moved back to Kent 18 months ago, that the field behind our house was actually used in one of the episodes of that very wonderful programme with David Jason. It is as he would say "just Perfick".


purplepaint said...

Hi Tricia! I love your yard! I need to get back to work on my garden, just putting one in this year.... vegetable garden, that is. The fabric cone I made was based on the Quilting Arts Gifts magazine that was sold at the end of last year. If you go to:
you can get one on sale. I just finished my second cone and will be posting pics soon... Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Marva

Tam said...

People should read this.

Tricks said...

Hi Tam,
I'm not sure who you are but thanks for dropping by with your somewhat puzzling comment. Bw Triciax