Saturday, 4 October 2008

How did she get this far?????

This is only going to be a very short blog, no needlework/art today. I just had to let you all know the progress of the World Championships in Glasgow.
Rebekah has made it to the finals!!!! How did she ever make it this far at the tender age of 11. I'm stunned!

The first round, yesterday, on the 3rd, Rebekah was obviously suffering extreme nerves and I'm not surprised. Representing your country is no mean feat at 11 years of age! She was not doing so well yesterday, she lost a couple of marks for small timing errors apparently. this sport is just so strict. We all thought that was it, we had been given the impression that she wouldn't be able to pull herself back even if today were perfect.

Well, I don't know how this judging thing works but today I heard the news, she is in 8th place. She goes through to the finals tomorrow and while we are wondering how on earth she got this far, we are feeling for her and her Mum thinking it must be awful having to go through it all tomorrow again. Now tomorrow they all start from scratch and basically it is all about how they are on the day. It could go anyway, so to speak.
Well, what ever the outcome tomorrow I think she is incredible to have got this far. I shall be glad when it is all over, my stomach is churning just thinking about it. So how must she feel, goodness only knows. If you read this, say a little good luck wish for her, she tries so very hard and deserves it so much.
GOOD LUCK BEX from all of us here. Love Nanny x x x


Kayla coo said...

I wish her lots and lots of luck!x

Tricks said...

Thank you so much for the Good Wishes, Cheers Tricia

T said...

Wow! Isnt she fantastic. Great news Tricia.

I will wish her luck from the other side of the world, and I will keep my fingers crossed for her. She is brilliant getting this far, think of what she will do next year too.


Let me know how she gets on.


Tricks said...

Thanks Teresa,
For all the good wishes, I will let you know, I can't imagine her winning but that doesn't matter to me, she is so special in our lives without all the medals that she has already won.

Obviously we would love her to win, who wouldn't but being so competitive at that age seems almost surreal to me. It's her talent that I love not what the judges think. She will always be our little champion. Thanks Tricia