Sunday, 12 October 2008

A Round Robin, Some dye work and a walk in the woods.

Ok, I'm tryng to catch up. This is only a fraction of what I have been doing lately but it's all I've got pictures of as yet.
This picture below, is a felt background which has been made as a base for a Round Robin that is taking place on my challenge site. The idea was to make a felt background based upon the theme of Landscape. Once we have made the background we will post it to the first person on the list. Eventually our background will make it's way back to us after everyone has added their own bit of stitching etc.. I am looking forward to seeing how this works, it is the first time I have held one of these, if it goes well we will probably repeat it on another theme.

This next picture shows, not very well because of the light, apologies, but this is the big bag of fleece I have been dying. This wool is all from local sheep, infact some of them are in the field behind my garden right now. You wouldn't guess the dye is from a drink powder, Koolaid. I experimented and mixed the colours,
The reason why the colours work so well is because of all the citric acid in the powder, it helps it to cling to the wool fibres. Sorry the picture doesn't do the colours justice, as it was taken in artificial light. I've still more to do, but I have some silk to spin first.

It's been a really funny time lately for our family, we had some wonderful things happening with my Grand daughter but we also had some pretty awful times too. This has made it all rather stressful and tiring so today I decided it was time to take some time out. I went for a short but beautiful walk in the woods.

The colour is just starting to turn here in the South of England.

The light through the trees was so beautiful.
I took loads of pictures, I haven't had the time to go through them all properly, but I am hoping to use some of them for inspiration on my landscape work. That'll be on the next blog. Bye for now Tricia


T said...

Wow Great stuff Tricia,

You have been so busy.

The round robin sounds so exciting, and your landscape peice is absolutely stunning. Beautiful use of colour and your trees are fantastic.

I was looking forward to seeing your drink powder wool, Its great, and I bet it smells nice too.

Glad you took time out, it is good to gather inspiration from your suroundings and these are great photos. Although I should take my own advice sometimes as it is not 5.30pm and I have not had lunch yet. Had one of those days today, which means I must be getting better. lol

Talk soon


Tricks said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks so very much for the encouragement, it means a lot at the moment.
The picture of the landscape is just part of the whole, a close up. I'm getting there I suppose.

The wool does smell nice, you're right, it's a real fruity smell, much better than the smell of sheep, lol.

You really shouldn't miss lunch Teresa, but I know what you mean, life and work and things take over.

Well, I've got a busy day, but we'll speak soon I'm sure. Triciax

Genie said...

Hi Tricia,
Lovely work and photos, Have a good week, i have made use of some of the lovely rovings you sent me,
Have a good week

Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the comments, especially about the photos, coming from such a great photographer like yourself, means a lot. I'm so glad that you have been able to use the rovings. I'm on to spinning a dyeing some silk next.
Have a good week too. BW Tricia x

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

The tree are well turned up here in the north and we plan a trip to an arboretum this week for a photo shoot - if we get a break in the weather!!.
I have a fleece which I dye batches of from time tot time - just done a big batch for a workshop I am tutoring next weekend. Have heard about drink powder - will have to look out for it. Can it be bought in supermarkets?? It is pretty strong stuff as drink smiles don't come off the kids faces very easily.
Keep creating.

Tricks said...

Hi Shirley,
Yes the trees have turned in the last 24 - 48 hours, after I went out with my camera, lol!

Still I will have another go next weekend.

About the drink powder, it is just so very easy to use and smells great too. You can buy it on line here: Just try a couple of packets, there is even a link of websites which tells you how to dye using this product. All you need is hot water wool and a packet of Kool aid Nothing else. I can really recommend it. BW Tricia

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful tree pictures, a walk through trees in sun light can be so therapeutic.
I love your hand dyed fleece.x

Tricks said...

Thanks Kayla Coo,
Yes, I wanted to go out again today but it turned cloudy and horrid so I didn't bother. Never mind the sun may shine tomorrow and I'll grab my camera again. Cheers Tricia

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, I love the photos of your walk in the woods. Lovely colors and the light rays make everything glitter. I also love your dying project with wool . Cool aid, hey??? I have heard of other using cool aid too. The colors came out fantastic. I look forward to seeing what you create with them. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Thanks for dropping by Judy, I am glad that you liked what you see. Yes, you should try Kool Aid if you get the chance, it is the easiest dye work I have ever done and it is very safe too. If you are interested and would like to know how, let me know. BW Triciax