Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Beauty of Silk

As well as all my landscape photography I have been working with some silk again. I spun and dyed some a little while ago. I just love the results that I get with this.. When you think that I start off with this:
Raw silk, It is actually a lovely pale cream/golden colour, it almost looks white until you look a little closer. The sheen on it is exquisite. As I say you start off with this and then after spinning and dyeing it you end up with this:
I wish the pictures were better. I love rainbow dyeing. I love working with colour in this way and it is true, silk does take dye ever so easily. These skeins were done in the microwave, a 3 minute zap and they are done.
Some of the photos seem to lose the brilliance of that shine, I don't know why.
The way I have been exploring colour with these skeins is through the use of the primaries. Difficult to beleive but I just have three colours, yes, red, blue and yellow. That way the colours that I am trying to find whilst experimenting are either the secondary: greens, purples and oranges. Also I mixed up some browns, in the picture below, I wanted to go from a warm chocolate brown to a tan, then a golden right through to a colder almost green/brown, it worked.

Here are the four skeins ready to use. I will be embroidering on to my felt with these. I love the contrast between the flat/matt colour of the felt against the shiny silk thread.


Anonymous said...

great threads! i *know* you can make any colour from the primaries...but seeing these its hard to believe you mixed the colours from scratch - beautiful colours.

Tricks said...

Thanks Paula,
Yes, I find it amazing and I did it! Lol.

I actually mix it on the silk. What I do is put the skein into a microwavable bowl, curling around the base of the bowl. I think of the centre of the crescent shape that I am looking at as one area and the two ends another area. I might start with some yellow on the ends and place some red in the middle, not too much red as it is very powerful. At this point I work a blue into both of these colours using a paintbrush, I have some water nearby to rinse it. Eventually I can end up with green on the ends and purple in the middle, it seems to work every time doing it like this.
The dye I am using at present is called "Quick Colour". It comes in little tubes, looks alot like food colouring. Perhaps I should have put this in the main thread. Oh well, next time I do some I might do a tutorial, how's that. Cheers for the comment. Tricia

Genie said...

Morning Tricia,
2 Awards waiting for you on my blog.
Love the silk colours

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition but I can't resist sneaking a peek into some of the blogs while I work. I'm so glad I looked in on your wonderful blog. Love your landscapes and the silk looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing and especially for trading with me!
CYBER FYBER and also

Jackie said...

Hi tricia
Thank you for making contact. I can see that your blog is going to be a source of great interest to me. I will beback by the end of the week. (Busy few days ahead)

Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you so much for honouring me with these awards, now I have to decide who I am going to pass them on to, that's going to be a difficult one. Cheers Tricia

Tricks said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for dropping by, glad to hear that the exhibition is going ahead. By the way, I didn't I tell you did I, that my little grand daughter made it to the Worlds in her Acro gymnastics; it will be held in Scotland in a month. She will be the youngest competitor I believe. Wish her luck for me. Thanks for you nice comments, Cheers Tricia

Tricks said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for dropping by, I looked at some of your work this morning and I was mesmerised. Fantastic work, so seductive too, I could hardly take my eyes off it all. It was fatal, clicking on that little button, it just went on for ever, lol. I hope we will both enjoy each other's work, not sure mine is yet up to your standard though. Speak soon Tricia

Here with T said...

Your hand spun and dyed silk thread is amazing. I have some merino wool that I have been meaning to dye for ages. I do not have a microwave but lots of gum leaves and a slow combustion stove. I might put a pot on today. You have inspired me to do something different yet again Tricia. Hope my wool turns out as beautiful as your silk. xteresa

Tricks said...

Thanks so much Teresa for your comments on my silk, I love dyeing it. I love even more to be able to hand stitch with it. I am so glad that I have been able to inspire you, do go careful though if you have to lift any pans, I would hate that you hurt your back because of my inspiration. Good Luck with the dye, let us have a peek when you're done. Bye for Now Tricia

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, I love your dyed silk threads. For some reason I also love the white silk roving too. You are very creative with your colors. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Thanks Judy, for all your lovely comments on my work and photographs. It's lovely to receive feedback.

Most of the feltwork I have been doing lately has been on the embellisher.

Wet felting is very easy, all you need is somewhere to do it and some hot water and soap. Then lots of hard work.

The key is to lay the felt out in layers criss cross, that way they bind together better.

There are different ways to lay out the fleece, you could try a small piece to start with and use a household tray to make smaller pieces on but anything that will keep the water from spilling everywhere will do. A piece of cotton sheet or something laid over to begin with just to hold the surface still until you get it going. (You don't leave the cotton on too long though or it will begin to felt to the fleece.

You just gently rub the fleece once you have wetted it with soap and water. The idea is to cause friction without movement. So there is a certain knack to the way you rub. You have to do it before you know how.

There is a tutorial I have seen on You Tube. I'm sure that will help you to learn. Ask any questions, I don't mind helping if I can. Good Luck Tricia