Sunday, 17 August 2008

Eye Candy, Samples and Experiments

Plenty to see here, lots of visuals, I decided to make some samples, the following small rectangular pieces are all atc size. I had cut some backing fabric ages ago to this size when I first became quite excited about doing lots of swaps. Realising that I didn't want to do that many now, I decided a good use of these would be to do a series of experiments, which became samples and in turn became a sort of sampler.

This first one is needlefelted, the lighter shapes are pieces of my hand made paper that I have cut out and embellished between the layers of wool.
I decided to do some of these pieces as experiments in stitch.
Here is some more hand made paper shapes between the layers of fleece.
Some experiments in border stitches.

To break the monotony I decided to play with some free style stitching.

More handmade paper, this time just torn, more abstract.
Just playing with colour in chain stitch.
This was interesting, hand made paper circles outlined with stitching.
An image from Rock Art, simple stitching of outline.
A nice way to make a frame, stitching over a thick yarn which had been felted down to begin with.

I couldn't resist trying the circle idea again, it was so much fun to do.

An abstract piece, thinking primitive shapes.
Playing with stitches again over hand made paper square/diamond.
Framing a circle.
Hand made paper again, letting the abstract go free. I kept thinking standing stones, or doors when I was stitching these.

Voila! Here they all are stitched together, it is just a visual record of my ideas and experiments, to place on the wall to remind me of what is possible.
Another Experimental Piece.
I just wish that I had taken pictures of this in progress, it would have been easier to explain and also to remember how it was done.

I began this piece by making a natural white/cream felted background. I was inspired by some stones that I have been sketching. I started to embellish some blue linen into the felt and then decided that I didn't want this effect over the whole piece. I experimented with different colours and then when I had finished what I felt was enough of an abstract background I decided to add some stitching, I did this with some hand dyed cotton which I dyed with rust/tin last year, it seemed to tie in perfectly with the colours that I wanted.
The next two pictures will let you in on a little technique I have discovered. This is the back of the piece. After stitching I felted some of my hand spun yarn down to make a rock art design. The beauty of this if you look closely at the following pictures is when it comes through to the right side it punches the design right over the stitching and it is slightly raised so you have another layer/texture.
These first two pictures show the back of the work.
These next photos are close ups of the front. I hope that you can see how punching the yarn from the back makes another layer. It is slightly raised.
I must admit to being very pleased with this discovery and I feel that I will be using this technique again to create different layers.
I don't know whether the photos really show what I am trying to explain, but if you look carefully you will see that the stitching does indeed disappear under the embellished outlines of the rock art drawings.
Well, back to work. BFN Tricia


darter84 said...

Hi Tricia, What a wonderful blog post. I love your samples and experiments. I wish I could get into something like that. It has made me rethink my small project status. You have certainly created a beautiful blend of colours in your samples and they look great all sewn together on your wall.
Your cave painting experiment has a wonderful earthy tone and feel to it. I have never done any needle felting, but I think I understand what you are doing from the other side. You could really do a lot with this. Keep creating and using these and your direction is set. Teresa

Tricks said...

Thanks Teresa,
Yes, I have realised that my favourite way of working is to sample. It shows me what is possible. Because, as textile artists, we seem to be working with so many elements, we are, I believe at times overwhelmed by the media, or at least I am. A piece of work can go in so many different directions from one starting point. I know now that to sample is my only way forward, especially with this new media/technique of needlefelting. I will use it like a sketchbook. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Teresa. BFN Tricia

Genie said...

Hi Tricia,
Love what you have done with the samples.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, You have certainly been enjoying yourself. What lovely experiments in stitching and felting. I love them all. Hugs Judy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, You have certainly been enjoying yourself. What lovely experiments in stitching and felting. I love them all. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Thanks Genie,
I hope to have some more done soon.

Tricks said...

Hi Judy,
Yes I have been having a play, but that is what it is all about isn't it? Thanks Tricia

Paula Hewitt said...

They look great as a block. I particulalry like teh last sample of your rock painting.

Tricks said...

Thanks Paula,
Yes, I intend to make many more samples to inform my work about possible directions/solutions. All the samples can make a nice collective block each time that I make a series, then I can put them on the wall to remind myself of colours/textures/stitches and techinques that I can try out on larger pieces, well this is my intention anyway. The Rock painting is a theme I keep coming back to. I love prehistoric art. Thanks again for your lovely comments. Cheers Tricia

Here with T said...

Hello again Tricia
I was fiddling around with my blog the other day and somehow changed my URL address. Your link will probably not get my blog page now and may need to be updated. I hope that you are busy creating lots of interesting fibre art. xteresa

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Tricia. Lovely rock art. I like your felt colours here which obviously lend themselves very well to the subject. I keep meaning to try felting from the back but am a little reticent as I want to see what's happening all the time, lol.

Tricks said...

Thanks Helen,
I know what you mean but guess what, it's great to be surprised by what is going on at the back.
Actually, if you do a sample first you can almost predict what will happen. I love the unpredictable though, I find it helps me to loosen up. I feel I will be experimenting with this technique some more. BFN Tricia