Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Pincushion & Pressies from Mary.

Well, I am a very lucky person, I woke up this morning not feeling the best, a bit of a headache after a poor night's sleep and guess what, I was soon cheered up by the postman. I knew that Mary was sending her Pincushion to me but I didn't expect all the lovely pressies too.
I received three lovely postcards and a special one with Mary's work on the front as well as all these lovely fibres and trims, it felt like Christmas and I was a kid again.
The detail in Mary's Pin Cushion is delightful too. So many beautiful stitches, the work that went into this Pin
Cushion is astounding. I would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Mary for being so generous and working so hard on the challenge. THANK YOU Mary, I will treasure your Pin Cushion, thank you for making my day. Cheers Tricia


art spirit said...

Tricia...so glad you liked the pin cushion and goodies. Love the banner piece you made...beautiful!
xo Mary

Tricks said...

Yes, Thanks again Mary, you really made my day. Thanks for the lovely comment on my work too. Cheers Tricia

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, The Pincushion Mary created is gorgeous. How lucky for you to receive it. And WOW soooo many lovely goodies too. Definitely Christmas in August. VBG Lucky You. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Yes, Judy, It was so very generous of Mary to add all those goodies, I think it is such a lovely thing to do, I must try to remember to do something like that when I swap in the future there must be lots of ways to make a parcel special.

Here with T said...

Hello Tricia

Was not sure if I had left you a comment or not. I looked at your post yesterday and was so impressed with your sampling and your experiment. Your work is beautiful, you have inspired me to pick up my embroidery needle. I have not touched embroidery for many years, although I admire embroidery very much, anyway thanks again for some more inspiration. xteresa