Monday, 25 August 2008

Two Bracelets for Two lovely Lassies

Before my Grand daughter went home from her holiday with us, I promised I would make her a bracelet. Actually times two. She has a very dear friend whom she trains with in her gymnastic's profession, they are inseparable, and because when their Mum's buy something nice for one of them, they usually buy the same for the other one, rather sweet thing to do really, they often walk around like twins. Who am I to break with the tradition?

I don't often use beads, except sparingly in my work. When my GD asked me to make a bracelet I had visions of sitting for hours threading, as it happens, it still took quite a while but I decided to make the bracelet base from felt, no surprise there I suppose.

I decided to plait some white and lilac coloured rovings to begin with, then I lightly felted it under the embellisher. I continued by sewing small seed beads along the edges of the plaits, then I added some of my finger braiding with a large bead at each end, this is to tie the bracelets with. I sewed some more seed beads to the top of the braiding. At each end I added a special glass flower bead, these are quite lovely and they came from my mother's collection of beads. In handing these little beads down in this bracelet from my mother's collection to my GD, It was a very special moment I found when I was sewing them on. It's funny how the simple things in life can mean so much.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nanny, I realy realy realy realeeeeeeee love the braclets and I cant wait for my postman to bring me them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your the bestest Nanny everrrrrrrrr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love from Bex xox

Tricks said...

Hello Bex,
I told Mum not to show them to you until they arrived, never mind, I am so glad that you like them, Thank you so much for writing to me. Love Nanny x x x x

Genie said...

Lovely Bracelets Tricia

Tricks said...

Thanks for the comment Genie, they were made with love for two very special girls.

Genie said...

Hi Tricia.
The bottle tops not mine it is a recycled Art from Teignmouths Sculpture Trail. Have a look on my Flickr there are some more of the same
Cheers Jean

Tricks said...

Hi Jean,
I'll definitely have to take a look at those, sounds fantastic. Cheers Tricia

paulahewitt said...

wish you were my nanny! great braclets and the flower bead is a special touch. I loe the way you braided the rovings to get a chevron effect.

Tricks said...

Thanks Paula,
I've already had the thumbs up from my GD and she hasn't even received them yet.

It's a real girly thing I suppose, you either like them or you don't.

I get so much more pleasure making for someone than I do with the rest of my work.

Thanks for the lovely comment. Cheers Tricia

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, The bracelets you made for your grand daughter and her Dear Friend are lovely. The vintage beads made them even more special. The technique you used reminds of the New Book I bought called the Shepherds Braided Rug by Letty Klein. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Thanks Judy,
"The Shepherds Braided Rug" That sounds like an interesting title, what is the book about Judy? Is it a textile book or is it a novel. Do tell me more.
Cheers Tricia

Here with T said...

Great bracelts Tricia, Love the beads and the felt together. Very clever. Maybe I should be making bracelets instead of dolls for my two. I liked your fairy idea but I still have'nt gone any further with them. xteresa

Tricks said...

Hi again Teresa,
You'll get there with your dolls I am sure. You just need a particular focus, that's why I said make it a figure from nature. Have you looked at my Green Man post, a while ago. It might help you with some ideas,if you have time, go take a look. Good Luck Tricia