Saturday, 23 August 2008

A day at the beach and some challenge swaps.

Everyone needs a break now and then, I've had my Daughter and my very talented Grand Daughter staying with me. Some of you may remember my telling you that this little girl is an acro gymnast. She has worked so hard in her little life, we are all so proud of her. She is already a British Champion and she is only 11 years old. That's not all, she qualified this year to go to the Worlds Competition which is being held in Scotland and she will be on the British Team competing with athlete's from all over the world, I can't say that she gets her suppleness from me but she is very artistic when she is performing her moves. Well, we had a real fun day at the beach, and when she saw the trampolines, well, it had to be done.

When I
got home I found this on the door mat. Sue one of our textile challengers had not only sent me this beautiful brooch for the brooch swap but also some really special treats. A beautiful hand made card. An absolutely amazing little envelope made from hand made paper and finished wonderfully with a bead fastener. Enclosed in the envelope I found the brooch and a really special key ring. I don't know how Sue knew but my favourite ceramic is blue and white, I collect willow pattern so I adore this key ring. Thank you so much Sue.

Here is my little brooch. It is hand made felt and embroidered with my own hand spun/dyed silk with couched hand spun/dyed mohair with beads added to the design. Well, after my little break I should be refreshed for some more work. back soon......


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tricia, Your grand daughter is absolutely adorable. I wish her the very very best at the world meet in Scotland. Maybe she will represent the UK at the 2012 Olympics. VBG Love the photos at the beach.

How lucky you are to received such a lovely gift from Sue,

Your wool felted brooch is very lovely. Hugs Judy

Tricks said...

Thanks Judy, Yes, we are very proud of our little athelete. Unfortunately Acro gymnastics is not yet an Olympic Sport, we are hoping that this might change but who knows.

Acro Gymnastics is much harder than other types of gymnastics. The Acro stands for Acrobatic. She is amazingly gifted but it is such hard work and it is quite a dangerous sport. She has to climb on shoulders and do sommersaults from that position. One false move, aww it doesn't bare thinking about. Needless to say they all have to be very very disciplined.
Thank you for dropping by. Cheers Tricia

Here with T said...

Great that you are able to spend time with your family, precious moments. Your grandaughter is very talanted and game to be doing all this acro gymnastics. And presents when you arrived home, what a nice surprise. I love your brooch Tricia, it is beautiful. xteresa

Tricks said...

Thanks Teresa,
Yes, the artistic/creative is in the family, it seems to come out in different ways.

My Dad was good at drawing but he would never draw and let people see, he would call it doodling I think. However, he was in the 1st Kings Dragoons during the last war and this was a musical regiment, they played whilst riding on horseback! Some skill needed in that I think. He played the French Horn and the Trumpet. So I think that is how he used his talents. My grand daughter definitely has the balance from our side of the family, thinking back to my Dad on horseback with instrument in hand, lol.

I am just so glad that my daughter has harnessed and encouraged my GD's talents.

Thanks again for the comment about my brooch, speak soon Tricia